Programs & Services

Individual Training
Individual Training-individual training focuses on the fundamentals of the specific position. All positions welcome. Ages 12-18 and college and pro ages only.

  • Teaching Fundamentals for All positions
  • Teaching certain keys and tips for All positions
  • Specific positions drills and demonstrations
  • Most sessions are videotaped for corrective review

Cost for Ages 12-18 $40 per session. Price for College and Pro Athletes, call for quote.

Boot Camps/Team Training
The boot camps and team training focuses on speed, agility and quickness as well as explosiveness. It also build team unity and helps coaches and players identity leaders.

  • Each Boot Camp consists of 5 different stations
  • Coaches can choose the level they want there athletes to perform
  • Athletes get to compete against each other to create a fun environment
  • Athletes will feel a sense of accomplishment at the end of the Boot Camp Cost for groups of 20 or more.

$20 per athlete per session. Groups of 19 or less the cost is $50 per athlete per session.

Backpedal University
Backpedal University-Specialized specific training for Defensive backs. Focus on all phases of playing the position from stance, pedal, hips, turns, man coverage, zone coverage, identifying tips, plus much, much more.

  • Corners and Safeties will learn proper stance and alignment
  • Defensive Backs will go through hours of position specific drills
  • All drills and training 100% translate to the field
  • All sessions are videotaped for corrective teaching
  • Videos are reviewed by some of the top DB trainers in the country for additional critic

Cost is $60 per session.

8-week training program, ELEV8, includes physical football training, ($40 per session & separate from the cost of the extra service) weight gain/meal plans, academic success and athletic monitoring, as well as assisting with the recruiting process, including how to get noticed/what to send to college coaches, and online Reputation Research, which monitors tweets and Facebook posts. The service also provides a manual with an athletic profile and athletic resume, social media dos and don’ts, HUDL tips, NCAA information with timelines and creating camp and training schedules with media training.¬†¬†Although this is a streamlined description of the program, it is intense, especially involving the areas surrounding nutrition (ie, daily caloric intake) and physical training. Players must be committed and dedicated to improving all aspects of their fitness, skills, academics and personal growth and development to be successful. The recruiting process can be very difficult, even with the help of high school coaches. Our program is designed to make the recruiting process much simpler and more manageable for players and parents.

The fee for this program is $675. Payment methods are Cash, checks and credit cards.