Backpedal University

Defensive backs have one of the most difficult jobs on the football field.  They have to move backwards as swiftly as a wide receiver is moving forward.  Through our training sessions, Backpedal University will improve the following defensive back skills:
  • Stance
  • Footwork (i.e.-backpedaling and transitions)
  • Reading routes
  • Tackling
  • Coverage principles and skills (man and zone)
  • Defeating blocks
  • Offensive play recognition
  • Blitz techniques

*Corners and Safeties will learn proper stance and alignment
*Defensive Backs will go through hours of position specific drills
*All drills and training 100% translate to the field
*All sessions are videotaped for corrective teaching
*Videos are reviewed by some of the top DB trainers in the country for additional critic

Cost is $60 per session